This term four of our Year 7 classes have been fortunate enough to visit the Bath Fashion Museum as part of their studies into the Fabric of Life. The museum has an outstanding collection of items which date back as far as the 1600’s. It was a wonderful opportunity for Maesteg School pupils to immerse themselves in the history of British clothing and really appreciate the differences in the size of people, the availability of fabrics, the way clothes were made and what was fashionable in comparison with current trends. They even provided a number of outfits from the 1800’s to try on, which pupils agreed were surprisingly heavy and uncomfortable to wear!

While at the museum, pupils took part in a workshop on fashion design. This gave pupils a chance to learn about the processes a real designer would undertake when designing a new creation. Pupils took their favourite pieces of clothing from the museum, sketched them, then combined the features of each to create their own digital design. The outcomes were fantastic! Maesteg School would like to thank the Bath Fashion Museum for a fun and informative time.