This is the year that schools in Wales will be judged using the new interim measures, the capped 9 being the most significant of these indicators.  This means that each child’s best 9 results will be counted – these have to include their best English, Maths and Science result and the best of 6 other qualifications. The average capped points score for our pupils was 350 points which matched the score of last year’s cohort.

61% of our pupils achieved 5 A*C grades and 21 pupils achieved at least 5 A*/A grades – again an improvement on last year.  Headteacher Helen Jones said, “this has been a challenging year for all schools with this new ‘high stakes’ exam culture where the first entry is the only grade that schools are measured by.  Our year 11 pupils worked hard to get themselves ‘exam-ready’ and were determined to do well.  Our teachers, the Governors, Senior Leaders and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and well done to all.  I sincerely look forward to welcoming this successful cohort back into our sixth form to enable them to continue to build on their successes.”

As always there were some outstanding individual performances. Particular mention should go to:

Shana-Marie Jones      –           6A*, 4A, 3B, 1C

Cameron Coombs       –           4A*, 6A*, 4B

Lauren Buchanan        –           4A*, 7A, 4B

Millie Crocker             –           3A*, 6A, 5B

Lewis Griffiths             –           3A*, 6A, 6B

Megan Speck               –           3A*, 6A, 5B

Bethan Williams         –           2A*, 7A, 6B

Saffron Hall                 –           3A*, 6A, 7B

Matthew Villis             –           3A*, 4A, 7B, 1C

Ben Wager                  –           10A, 5B

 “I continue to be proud of our pupils who gave everything to achieve their very best.  They have shown that when you are motivated to work hard even when faced with difficulties, anything is possible.  Well done to you all.”