Maesteg School’s website has many resources to help you support your child through their GCSE examinations. Please follow the guidelines below to access the following:

Year 10 & 11 (GCSE)

  • GCSE Success Fayre Tab which includes: Top Tips for Parents, Revision Techniques, Stress & Wellbeing, Science Information, Technology Websites, Revision Apps and login information, Exam Dates, Revision Sessions and key personnel.
  • Revision Materials & Templates: GCSE Pod, GCSE Survival Guide, Revision Booklets, Revision Templates, Subject Papers and 9 Ways for Pupils to Revise more Efficiently.
  • Revision Vlogs from past pupils and members of staff giving pupils advice on revision skills.
  • Revision Websites: Links to good revision websites.

GCSE Pod – This is an interactive revision tool for students to revise on the go with the use of a mobile phone or tablet.  There are thousands of podcasts available for students to watch for the majority of subjects. Find out more here by clicking here

WJEC Create a Paper – Visit the WJEC Question Bank website to create a past exam paper to practice for any subject. For more information, click here

PiXL Independence – Follow this link to gain access to PiXL past papers and stress & wellbeing advice. You need the following information to log in: School No 503938  Password Indep139

To keep you up to date with your child’s progress (Year 11 students) we have posted home student reports today (12/04/19)

For Easter revision dates and all other information for Years 10 & 11, please visit the Examinations section of our website, which can be found here.

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