Over the forthcoming weeks, Maesteg School, along with many others across Wales, will be participating in a Student Health and Wellbeing Survey. The School Health Research Network who have designed this survey are led by Cardiff University and work in partnership with Welsh Government, Public Health Wales and Cancer Research UK.

Our pupils’ participation in this survey will allow our Health and Wellbeing faculty to use its findings to inform our health and wellbeing curriculum; create bespoke lessons tailored to the needs of our pupils at Maesteg School; and will help us to implement further support where needed.

The survey will contain questions on health behaviours including: diet, physical activity, smoking, alcohol, drugs, school life and relationships. Students in Year 11 and above only will be asked a small number of questions relating to sexual behaviour. All surveys will be carried out under the supervision of the Health and Wellbeing faculty during an assigned Wellbeing lesson. Each student can omit any question they do not want to answer, and all data will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 and will be strictly confidential.

For more details regarding the survey please click here to read the additional information specified by the School Health Research Network and its partners. The Maesteg School Health and Wellbeing faculty are dedicated to ensuring that the wellbeing needs of our pupils are of the upmost priority and we hope that you will be happy for your child to support us in our on-going commitment to this.

If you any concerns or would like to find out more about the survey, please do not hesitate to notify the school reception as soon as possible to arrange contact with Mrs Jennie Heath, Deputy Director of Health and Wellbeing.