This year our students have been working on a project called The Fabric of Life, which has seen them passionately research, gather, re-purpose and create with a clear goal in mind: We have one planet, let’s look after it! Guided by Mrs Fleming and Miss Thomas, year 7 have responded superbly to the project brief, recognising the reality of plastic waste and the detrimental effect it has to our environment. 

Pupils were very fortunate to have textile artist Claire Cawte join us for the The Fabric of Life project. Claire introduced the students to an array of creative techniques that saw them grow in confidence as they practised their new skills. Claire was thrilled with the pupil’s enthusiasm towards the project:

“As a freelance textile artist for Criw Celf following the project brief Plastic, I received a warm welcome from the year 7 pupils, Mrs Fleming, Miss Thomas and Mr Shaw. The pupils set about exploring the environmental impacts of plastic waste under the title of Fabric of Life. Researching the effects it was making on sea life and the excessive waste, lead to mind mapping a bigger picture highlighting how much more it affected the planet, wildlife, the weather, pollution and climate change. Individually focusing on an area of interest, pupils began researching and collating images and inspiration.”

“With the copious amounts of plastic donated and collected the pupils began experimenting, learning new manipulation techniques that are used in the textile and fashion industry including; heat manipulation, laminating, pleating, weaving, applique, stitching and slashing all of which demonstrated exciting, multiples of layering, textures, ruffles and folds.  In bringing together their inspiration and samples, the garment designs were beginning to develop.  It was brilliant to see a little of their own personality shine through as pupils began sharing their own imaginative ideas and inspiration, identifying areas of interest around plastic waste and explaining their inventive costume designs.”

“I am thrilled with how the pupils approached the plastic brief with sheer enthusiasm and recognising the reality of plastic waste.  This has made a huge impact on the pupils knowledge which they’ve creatively and conceptually demonstrated in the Fabric of Life exhibition. What a colourful and elaborate body of work, with costumes and accessories to be proud of.”

We hope you enjoy our video that we have created to document and celebrate the Fabric of Life project from beginning to end. We are currently making plans to start our next creative project. Watch this space…