*  N E W  *  – This is the Distance Learning Action Page specifically set up for our year 10 pupils

It’s a hard time for everyone!  Trying to juggle home life and school work is not easy and this page has been designed to support you.  It is Important that you look after yourselves and get help if you need it.  Looking after your mental and physical health is really important and regular exercise (within Government guidelines) as well as having a plan for your day to stop boredom setting in is vital.  Whilst happiness is key, it is also important that you engage with your teachers and complete the work they set for you.  This is so that you do not fall behind and you keep your skills ticking over.  If you have any problems, please contact your teachers or form tutor.  We are here to help and support you!

Communicating Learning @ Home

All work set for pupils will be communicated by our Show My Homework platform.  Pupils can log onto this using their Office 365 account (their school email address).  Click the Sign in with Office 365 button then enter email and password when prompted – See illustration below.

Year 10 – Distance Learning


Teachers will inform pupils, using this platform, how pupils should submit their work.

Parents can also log on to Show My Homework to support their child.  Any parent / carer who would like a new username and password set please contact amatthews@maestegcs.bridgend.sch.uk

Learning Timetable @ Home

In order to support pupils to organise their learning @ home you will see a suggested timetable below for them to follow.  This is a ‘suggested’ timetable and may need changing slightly as a result of personal circumstance.  Where possible pupils should submit work the same day it is set.  However, what is important is that the work set by teachers is completed by the end of the week and submitted to teachers by Sunday evening at the latest. (This will help pupils keep on top of things).
-There will be 3 learning sessions per day for year 10 pupils.
-Each session will last 40 minutes
-Pupils must submit their work in the way indicated by their teacher on Show My Homework
-It is essential that pupils complete the work and submit is so they do not fall behind.

Year 10 – Distance Learning

Option A Subjects:

Business Studies / Food & Nutrition / Geography / ICT / Photography / Engineering / Art / Media / Triple Sci

Option B Subjects:

Construction / Media / Triple Sci / Health & Social / History / Engineering / Music GCSE / Music BTEC / PE

Option C Subjects:

Art / Business Studies / Drama / PE / Sport Leadership / Computer Science / Food & Nutrition / Health & Social / Product Design

Contacting Teachers @ Home

As always our teachers are here to support pupils and parents at this testing time.  Please feel free to email teachers directly using the contact list here. They are happy to hear from both parents and teachers and will give you all the support you need.

Tips @ Home

  • Use this daily planner (click here) if you want help organising your time or, using this link, you can create your own online: Get Revising
  • Use this study tips poster to help you work at home more productively (click here)
  • Remember to exercise regularly to improve your mood
  • Limit screen time
  • Try to have structure to your day, get up early and have a plan
  • Look for mindfulness apps to help you to relax
  • Keep in touch with friends and support each other
  • Contact your teachers or form tutors if you need any support at all. We are here for you!